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HOW TO change your coolant temp sensor

Opel Engine Coolant - The coolant provides freeze protection down to approx. -28 °C. Caution: Only use approved antifreeze. Coolant level. Caution: Too low a coolant level can cause engine damage. If the cooling system is cold, the coolant level should be just above the KALT/COLD mark. Top up if the level is low. Warning: Allow the engine to cool before opening the. AutoZone carries hundreds of thousands of parts and accessories. Select your Year, Make, Model and Engine to find those that fit your vehicle. Opel Opel Engine Cooling Products. Recommended antifreeze for radiators of Opel Corsa. Find out how much coolant does your car need. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers types for all popular vehicles..

The Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor contains a semiconductor device which changes resistance based on temperature (a thermistor). The ECT sensor mounts in the left bank cylinder head near the front of the engine.. 1 – 2. Engine coolant blower motor relay. 3. Fuel pump relay. 4. Engine control (EC) relay (exceptX16XEL/X18XE1) 5 – 6. Engine coolant blower motor relay. 7. To ensure the engine is kept at an optimal running temperature, engine coolant is used. Commonly seen as a green colour as the bottle to the right suggests, engine coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze. Engine coolant or antifreeze does in fact come in a variety of colours from green, yellow, pink, red, or orange..

Adding engine coolant (also known as antifreeze) to your 1999 Opel Astra is pretty easy. Engine coolant circulates through your engine to keep it cool in the summer but won't freeze in the winter. Make sure to check your engine when it is cold for an accurate reading.. Engine coolant blower motor relay. R2. Engine coolant blower motor relay. R3. Engine coolant blower motor relay. R4. AC compressor clutch relay. R5. Engine coolant blower motor relay. R6 . R7. Engine control (EC) relay. R8. Wheel speed sensor signal converter left-without ABS (except sequential mechanical gearbox) R9. Opel Astra Automobile engines use many simultaneously moving parts, each of which relies on another part of the engine. To keep everything running smoothly, engines use coolant and oil to stay properly cooled and lubricated. Coolant temperature sensors help maintain the temperature of your engine coolant, which in turn helps maintain your engine’s temperature..

Find current offers for other Engine Cooling System spare parts for OPEL ASTRA J . Water Pump. Engine Radiator. Engine Thermostat (Coolant Thermostat) Coolant Expansion Tank (Coolant Tank) Radiator Fan (Air Conditioner Fan) Turbo Intercooler. Expansion Tank Cap (Coolant Reservoir Cap). I already replaced a set of gaskets in the oil cooler. It did no help. Engine Z18-XER. Year - 2008. Nothing else happening. Astra H Oil found in coolant. Ask Question. up vote 3 down Nothing else happening. No white smoke, no external oil leaking, no external coolant leaking. No unusual sound, coolant opel vauxhall astra holden. share. The thermostat sits between the radiator and the engine and is effectively a temperature-controlled coolant regulator. It restricts coolant from coursing through the engine block until the engine.

Antifreeze is essential to keeping your car running smoothly during the winter months. Antifreeze lowers the freezing point of the water in your car's engine cooling system, preventing the water from freezing when the mercury drops. If the water is allowed to freeze, it could damage your engine once it's heated up, resulting in costly repairs.. Engine Coolant Thermostat Fits FIAT Stilo OPEL Astra MPV VAUXHALL 1.6L 2004-See more like this Engine Coolant Thermostat Fits OPEL Astra Vectra C Kadett Cavalier 1.6-2 1981-98 Brand New.

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