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Ac Compressor Fuse Box - compressor located in fuse box? ask your own is there a relay or fuse that i should check on my 2003 ford expedition ac is not . 2010 ford escape ac relay fuse box diagram ford auto , 2010 ford escape ac relay fuse box diagram together with. Honda ridgeline fuse box diagram there are several relays associated with the ac was it compressor clutch relay creative include uipoijt For example photo, we include written directions and a gallery with multiple Honda ridgeline fuse box diagram there are several relays associated with the ac was it compressor clutch relay creative include. 26.06.2011  · I need some help figuring out why my ac fuse keeps blowing. I replace it and turn the ac back on and it blows the fuse in a matter of 1 minute. The freon is full and the belt is turning. The ac only blows hot air and won't cool. I have spoke with a few people who say it may be the compressor, but that will be close to $600 to fix. Any suggestions on what the issue might be?.

I looked at the fuse box underneath the steering wheel but the diagram said nothing about the ac or a compressor which a mechanic friend told me to check. I had no idea about the fuse box underneath the hood so I will check on that. I am just hoping its a blown fuse because I don’t really wanna spend a bunch on fixing the ac. I hope this might help you help me. Thanks again for the help.. 03.07.2014  · Re: 1997 960 AC Compressor Fuse Keeps Blowing Post by emaN laeR » 03 Jul 2014, 02:24 All the theories are correct but wire size is not all that determines the size of the fuse.. 01.09.2011  · I got a reman Denso AC compressor, new receiver dryer, all 3 new belts and freon charge.the ticket price is $575 Oh, the fuse is free! Now, it's back to normal. I didn't have time to shop around but there is a NEW Denso ac compressor at for some $230..

14.07.2014  · So I replaced my ac compressor and to my horror it would not turn on. I'm an Elect. Engineer by degree so I could easily track it Down to the 12v supply to the relay being burned out somehow. The compressor woks and the ac fuse is in tact. The relay woks as well when I swapped it with the horn relay and tested it there.. 05.06.2010  · Hi, I have a 1994 Mercedes S420. My compressor to my AC stopped suddenly. The fan still blows. Once in a while I would start the car and the compressor wouldn't kick in.. 02.01.2013  · I have a 2002 heavy duty 4 wheel drive F-250 with a V8 engine with just a little over 67000 miles on it. My question is how do I kill the power to the AC compressor as I believe it is causing my battery to go dead..

29.06.2012  · Power on AC Clutch/compressor issue When i got back home, i looked under the hood with the A/C ON, and the result, the clutch was not engaging. I suspected that i may have low refrigerant charge so i bought the a/c pro 134a fill kit but did not work cause the clutch was not engaged so i could not really determine if i have low charge..

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